Janez Štros

Janez Štros was born in 1964. Janez Štros mainly creates abstracted works with technique oil on canvas. This means to hem free and unlimited space where he can show hes own perception of the world, creating new, exciting world of infinite multiplictiy of messages. Janez Štros paints the stories of inside experiences. His works of art begin in combination of methodical choice of the colour palette and the tale of coincidence. This is an approach which was introducedby Breton manifestand and the theory of subconscious.
Paintings of Janez Štros are made in the technique of oil on canvas. They are created from the inner urge, the desire to profess, to disclose his moods and feelings, personal spiritual states, thoughts and insights. Contents, in which the flow of subliminal is trapped, have an effect on the level of abstract, although illusory forms emerge in them that allude to the subject of reality. The author opens up the door to the most intimate corners of the soul with colors. They are his allies, confidants, partners in discussion, and conveyers of harmonious states, suggestions and symbolic messages. Although a colouristic hedonist, he never uses the entire spectrum, but for each painting chooses its own color concept. He enriches it with endless overflows, shine, stream, synthesising and spreading of color. Layers of color are applied in multi-layer overlap. This results in a unique painting, characterized by a special softness of alloy of colors and countless diverse traces combined in the composition of free, open, dynamic scenes in vivid, pulsating images. With each creation Janez Štros discloses a part of his truth, the art visualization of which consequently represents an experience of personal catharsis.